Travel Guide To Holidaying in Capris



As Steve and I are going to be in the states for the next couple of years and plan to holiday around the states, I wanted to share the best trips we’ve taken together in Europe.

Capri is an island in the Bay of Naples in Italy . It is renowned for it’s great views, shopping and rugged coast line filled with yachts. We went to Capri in 2015 and stayed in Capri Tiberio Palace and it is one of our favourite holidays by far!

The island has a 50’s glamour feel to it and there are numerous references to the Kennedy’s loving the island as a vacation spot so the atmosphere is just glamour, glamour, glamour!

Here are my top tips for sitting back and enjoying this gorgeous vacation destination!

#1 Hire a boat!

Steve loves boats. I think it’s the Australian in him! He charted a boat for us and we packed up some refreshments and spent the day going round the island. It was beautiful. We stopped off for lunch, there’s mooring next to all the waterside restaurants. Simply tie up to a buoy and a boat will come and pick you up. In between mooring and eating we stopped and dived in to the ocean. It was a spectacular day!

#2 Book a Beach club day!

This one was our favourite. Its intimate and stylish. Do book thou, you can’t just turn up. We also booked for brunch, which was super delicious. Then sit back and enjoy the sun and occasional dip in the bathing pool. This is a Capri experience MUST DO.

#3 Capri Tiberio Palace!

We stayed here and it is AMAZING! Our suite had a balcony with sun loungers and outdoor seating area. The deco is 50’s inspired and there are snaps of 50’s hollywood stars scattered around. The bar is great, they do a fab Negroni and the pool didn’t get overly busy. It is a no children hotel, so it is just for those trips with you and your special someone! The location is fab surrounded by great bars and restaurants for your nights out.








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