Quick Style Tips For A Busy Day

zara blazer and Gucci Marmont

I’m going to share with you 5 style tips that I hope will help you through busy days. For me, as I am getting older I realise what’s important is my time. Where I choose to spend it and who I choose to spend it with. Throw in work, house chores, general life stuff or whatever it is for you personally it’s no wonder busy days are the norm for the majority of us. For me regardless of whether life is busy I still want to look and feel good. Over time these 5 things have helped me do that!

  1. Handbag Clean Out. Ok, so I raise my hand and confess that I was the woman who every evening after work would be sitting on her doorstep emptying her entire handbag trying to find her front door keys! I would always put off cleaning out my handbag because I didn’t like doing it. The thing is it’s so important in order to help stay organised! and as a result be able to stay stylish, as well as find your house keys. So my first style tip is first things first. Clean out your handbag and organise what goes in it. I would recommend doing this weekly!
  2. Pair Up Accessories and Little Touches. If you’re anything like me, I use to buy my accessories based on what I liked as I saw it rather than what I needed or what worked with what I already had! Therefore I would end up with lots of black scarfs and different patterned gloves and hats. All of which were great on their own but didn’t always work so well together. Lay out all your accessories and pair them into tones and styles. For example, put all the light colours together and the dark colours or mix them into complementary colour palettes like grey and pink or grey and cream. Once you’ve organised them by colour, you can also organise by style. For example casual, smart, tanned leathers or date night. Do this for all your accessories, not just for Winter. Shoes, Bags, Belts, Sunglasses and Jewellery. So my second Style Tip is, have accessories paired together. It means when you are running out the door you are reaching for items that work together for a more put together look. Instead of grabbing whatever is closest to you. Winter Accessoriesdate night accessoriesGucci Marmont Medium Handbag and black accessories
  3. Own a classic Jacket, Coat or Blazer. I would go as far to say that any outfit with the addition of a good classic Coat, Jacket or Blazer will make the outfit look styled and more put together. Style Tip number 3 invest in one of these items. Here are some of my favourite places to shop for these items. Zara for blazers.Topshop for Jackets.Hobbs for CoatsZara Blazer and Gucci belt
  4. Have a Few Beauty Products At The Ready. Throughout the day a combination of the weather, environment, touching our face/hair means it’s completely natural for our face and hair to need a top up. Style Tip number 4. Carry a few products in your handbag and freshen up at least once in the day. Here are my some of my current favourites. This Primer is great at evening out my complexion. Recently I’ve been wearing it instead of foundation. Yash Mac Matte Lipstick. To keep my skin re-hydrated. For under eye coverage.Style Tips NYC Woman
  5. Give Yourself Time For Outfit Planning. I know I said I’d help you with some tips to stay styled when you were busy and now I’m asking you to find some time! Bare with me here. Setting aside just 15-20 minutes each evening to plan out your outfit for the next day will mean you have some time and space to pick out what works together. Instead of rushing and grabbing what’s closest in the morning. Once you get into the habit of doing it each evening you can progress to weekly planning and be picking out seasonal pieces as each season changes. My final style tip is to set aside some time to plan out your outfits so that you can play around with what works well together.

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