Beauty Routine with VIICode Eye Masks

Beauty Routine with VIICode Eye Masks

Lisa Morgan Beauty Routine

Eye Masks

Lisa Morgan Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine

Since becoming pregnant I’ve been looking for safe ways to continue my beauty routines. I’ve completely fallen in love with these Eye Masks that I put on before bed and wear through the night. Since moving into my thirties I have been conscious of adding eye care into my beauty routine to help reduce fine lines as I get older. I like to try and keep the skin around my eyes plump and firm. Therefore I am always on the lookout for products that work to help me achieve that.

Eye Masks

I’ve been using the Vll Oxygen Eye Masks for 2 weeks. Storing them in the fridge and applying them under my eyes before bed. I love that they are really cold when I put them on, it instantly feels so good on my skin and gives a little tingle under my eyes. The masks are easy to put on. There is a mesh seal that peels off and the cold serum mask then sticks on nicely under the eye. I’ve used other eye masks before but unlike those, these are to be worn all night. In the morning I easily peel off the eye masks and my skin is nice and plump.

I have noticed that the skin under my eyes is softer to touch and looks tighter as a result of using the eye masks over the last 2 weeks.

Incorporating Eye Masks into my beauty routine has been a great addition to the overall health and appearance of my skin. I always feel so much better and more confident when my skin is in good shape.

Taking time for myself and following beauty routines is something I’ve grown to love doing more since I’ve become pregnant. You can read more about what I’ve been doing to take care of my skin here


Eye Care Routine For Evenings

V11 Oxygen Eye Mask

NYC Woman and V11 Eye Masks

This Post is in Collaboration with V11Code Eye Masks.

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  1. September 20, 2018 / 3:32 am

    Your eye masks sound great! Overnight seems like it would make a difference.

    xx Jenifer

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