Skincare Update And Trialling Vitamin C

Skincare Vitamin C

The latest craze in the skincare world is Vitamin C. When I say latest craze-I think I’m pretty behind on this beauty trend! The beauty industry has been discussing the benefits of high concentrations of vitamin C for a while now. Used to tackle anti-wrinkle and build collagen. It is supposedly able to work wonders at improving the overall appearance of our complexion over time. I love trying out products that focus on keeping my complexion fresh. I am looking forward to seeing if Vitamin C adds anything as part of my overall skincare routine. Another plus for me is that unlike retinoids, which I have had to stop using since becoming pregnant. Vitamin C is safe to use whilst pregnant!

My usual go-to brand for these types of products is SkinCeuticals. I like the scientific approach that they use to developing their products. I absolutely love all of their skincare products that I have but this time around I couldn’t bring myself to pay out the hefty price tag they are asking for their Vitamin C product. Instead, I did some research and discovered Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C which is far cheaper and has pretty much all the same ingredients as the big brand product. A steal at $30 instead of $170!

Vitamin C for skincare

I have only just started using this product, so I can’t yet comment on whether it is good or not. I will check back in after a couple of months of using it to let you know my thoughts. If you are interested in the science behind Vitamin C and why it’s good for the skin I found this article helpful. To see what other skin care products are part of my current routine that I will be incorporating Cosmetic Skin Solutions you can read here 


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