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Welcome to my Postpartum Style Guide, I wanted to share the Postpartum wardrobe I have been living in over the past couple of months since having baby Louis in case it’s helpful for any fellow new mums!

When I first came home from the hospital I was surprised just how pregnant I still looked! and it actually took me a long time for my Uterus to deflate but once it did it then went pretty quick. The above picture is me 4 weeks after giving birth to Louis. The following 4 weeks after this I started to get smaller.

The postpartum clothes that I have rotated over the last 2 months  and how I’ve stlyed them I’ve listed out below. For me it was important to be super comfy first and foremost.


White Button-down

Postpartum Clothes

postpartum button-down

Button-downs have been brilliant because they have been nice and loose over my stomach and easy access for me as I am breastfeeding Louis. I haven’t always been comfortable breast feeding in public so I like to wear something that keeps me covered as much as possible. My favourite top for out and about particualrly when I’m alone is the grey and white top I’m wearing above. The jumper lifts up and underneath the shirt has direct access to my breast for nursing.

The cream shirt above I have had for a long time and is from Whistles. The other 2 I got super cheap from H&M just before I went in to hospital, and I’ve linked everything below.



postpartum joggers

Around the apartment I like to be comfy but didn’t want to be living in my PJ’s all day! So I’ve been getting in to my lounge wear the last couple of months. My favourite pieces being jogging pants and jumpsuits. These joggers are highwaisted which I have found to be perfect for pospartum recovery. Here I’ve teamed them with an old Topshop bodysuit.



Maternity Jumpsuits

Maternity Jumpsuit

I love Maternity jumpsuits. I wore them a lot through my pregnancy. This one was gifted to me by Isabelle Oliver Maternity.

They are loose fitting which makes them nice and comfy for at home and most of them have easy access for breastfeeding. I like them becasue they look pretty chic as well as being practicle for what I need.


Maternity Jeans

Breastfeeding Top

I’ve roated these 2 pairs of maternity jeans since leaving the hosital. Mainly because these are my over the bump jeans and I have found those more comforatble than my below the bump ones. I felt really tender all over my body for the first 4 weeks so having a big super stretchy top on my jeans was a must!




Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum underwear

I’ve been wearing nusring bras since Louis was born. This one is my favourite as it’s also pretty as well as functional! Quite a lot of the nursing bras I found were quite plain and not exactly sexy. Whilst my Uterus has now defalted I am now carrying the excess weight I’ve gained over the pregnancy until I can get down the gym I’ve lived in these lightweight support knickers. They’re super comfy and hold in my tummy in all the right places.


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