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Jeffersonville New York
Baker Boy Hat Catskills New York

Being only 2 hours drive from Manhattan, Upstate New York has been on our long list of places to visit since we arrived in the states. We’re still not keen on getting on a plane with Louis just yet. So the Catskills mountains was a perfect choice for a break for us!

Things to do Upstate New York

There is plenty of gorgeous scenery to take in and places to explore. We spent time going on a lot of long walks and visiting some of the beautiful lakes.

There’s a big focus on sourcing and eating local. Which we love. Woodstock Meats was by far our favorite Butcher. Mainstream Farm was great for Groceries and a good morning coffee.

Amongst the beauty, there is also a lot of old run down deserted resorts in the Catskills. Grossinger’s is one of them. Which was the inspiration behind the fictional Kellerman’s Inn in Dirty Dancing. Which was kind of eerie walking round it. Great article here in the NY Times about the possibility of reviving it! Which for Dirty Dancing fans like me, would be ace!

Callicoon Upstate Town
Jefferson Lake

Jeffersonville Lake

Places to Eat Upstate New York

Phoenicia Diner Eating Upstate

Phoenician Diner

Phoenica Diner

The Phoenician Diner is a great spot for lunch. Good tasty food with fresh ingredients and great views.


Cochecton Firestation

The Cochecton Firestation was a great stop for a cocktail and some nibbles whilst we were out exploring the Roscoe.

Towns to Visit Upstate New York

Upstate New York Adventures

Our top towns to visit upstate New York: Livingston Manor, Phoenicia, Callicoon, Woodstock, Jeffersonville and Roscoe.

There’s a huge Indian reservation amongst the towns which is also beautiful. We stopped and did some walking there and took in all the views!

Callicoon New York

A lot of our time we spent chilling enjoying the indoor and outdoor fires. Having some outdoor space was great, particularly now with Louis. For me, there’s nothing better than spending time with my family. It was great to get out of the city and take a break.

Hubert House Jeffersonville
upstate New York

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