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Eye Mask for Dark Circles
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To be honest since having Louis self care time has been hard to come by! But since he started sleeping through the night I’ve had some renewed energy to focus back on my skincare. Eye Masks are always at the top of my list as part of any skincare routine.

These particular eye masks tackle dark circles. Which after months of surviving on very little sleep as a new mom. I felt I was in a good position to give them a try!

Before using eye masks I put them in the fridge so that they are extra cold. I then wash my face with my usual face wash, which I’ve shared here. Use my normal moisturizer and then apply the eye masks before I go to bed.

They’re really simple to use. Peel back the see-through sheet and place under the eyes. You can also take off the white covers so that the masks are the same color as the skin. I then sleep in the masks for 8 hours.

Benefits of Eye Masks

After using them my eyes are noticeably firmer and brighter. My eyes feel better too. They’d be great to use a couple of hours before a special occasion.

I have also been using this Oxygen Hydrating Eye Spray. It’s a great size for keeping with me in my handbag. I’ve been spraying it on my eyes at night and throughout the day.

The more attention I give my eye area the better my skin looks and feel. I am conscious that as I am now in my late 30’s. The more I do now to look after my skin the better it will look going into my 40’s.

Having healthy skin is important to me. When it looks and feels good, I feel great!

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