Lisa Morgan

Hi and welcome! I’m Lisa Morgan currently in my 30’s living in Manhattan in New York with my Australian husband Steve, our Son and 2 pets.

I was born in Surrey in South-England. It’s gorgeous and leafy but my passion and where I thrive is in cities. I lived in London for over 10 years before moving to NYC. I love the diversity of London and New York the different walks of life, opportunities, values and attitudes of the people. It is where I fit in.

I worked for a decade in Senior positions in the Tech industry in London. I’ve lived the working woman in the city life and loved it.

My husband is a Tech Entrepreneur. He starts up businesses around the globe which has brought us to New York City.

Fashion and Blogging

I love fashion. I’m a big believer in what you wear has a huge impact on how you feel and part of developing a personal style is expressing who we are. I’m excited to be part of the blogging community as I believe it’s bringing positive change to how women perceive themselves and democratizing fashion.

My hope is to inspire, connect and learn from you by sharing my love for fashion and life experiences. I’m looking forward to getting to know you please feel free to drop me a line to lisa@nyc-woman.com.

Much Love

Lisa xx

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